Zone Adjusting

Zone Adjusting

I have been in chiropractic practice for 43 years, practicing in Hubbard,
Ohio. It is not often I come across something that makes me say, “WOW!” I attended a seminar on Zone Adjusting and the results have been amazing. I have patients being referred for conditions I have never seen in my office before. Patients have been coming in for anxiety, PTSD, digestive conditions, skin problems, chronic headaches, sleeping difficulties, etc. Most of these did not respond to medical care and the patients are loving the results.

Basically, there are six zones in the brain and if they get out of balance,
the brain cannot send the proper messages for the body to function as it
should. By simply analyzing six spots at the back of the head I can
discover which zone is out of balance. This tells me which areas of the
spine to adjust to bring the zones back into balance which lets the body
function normally.

To say Zone adjusting has changed my Hubbard, OH practice is an understatement as it has changed the lives of so many of my patients as well as my own.

June 04, 2021
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Dr. Wray

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