Cari Patrick 05/24/24

Wonderful chiropractor. Recommend to anyone I know. Sending my husband to him too.

Nikki S 08/03/23

I highly recommend Dr. Wray. He is very nice and very helpful. All my visits are on time and always make my back feel better.

Anna W 06/07/23

Since Dr. Wray has used the StemWave on me I have less back and knee pain. Boy, that sure feels a lot better. Now I can do things I haven’t been able to do for a long time. It also has improved my thinking. I feel almost normal now. I thank God for Dr. Wray & what he has done for me.

Darlene F. 3/07/23

Dr. Wray is one of the kindest most gentle chiropractors in my opinion. He has helped me tremendously after my boat injury 25 year ago and continues to be there to help me anytime I need himHe is just like my family member. I appreciate all he does to keep me and my back and neck in line.

Gwen C. 10/06/21

The primary reason for seeing Dr. Wray was migraine headaches. For more than 30 years I suffered. I tried acupuncture, Botox and Amovig.

I haven’t had to take any migraine therapy drugs for 3-4 months. Zone therapy really works. It has improved my life in so many ways; i.e. more energy and minimal headache pain to none at all.

My energy level has allowed me to do things I haven’t been able to do in years. It has helped with digestion process.

Dr. Wray is a miracle worker. He has helped me, my husband and my mother tremendously.

Tom C 10-01-21

My primary reason for seeing Dr. Wray was for shoulder problems and neuropathy. Past diagnosis was a pinched nerve and I had physical therapy.

From the time I started Zone Therapy with Dr. Wray my shoulder has begun to heal and it doesn’t bother me at all any more. On top of that, I have a lot of tension in my body from PTSD after Vietnam. Dr. Wray has significantly lessened the tension in my body which has helped with sleep and anxiety.

This treatment has significantly relieved my psoriasis, as well as my colitis. I haven’t had to take any diarrhea meds since July. I very much enjoy and look forward to my weekly visits.

Steve L. 10/26/21

My name is Steve L. I have been going to Dr. Wray for over 2 months now. His personality is amazing, he made me feel comfortable just to meet and know him. I have been to a few Chiropractors in the years past, with good results. HOWEVER... the care that he gave me offered me some LIFE CHANGING results, that I never experienced before. I'm 65 years old, and have had Asthma my whole life. After several visits I was noticing something that I thought was unrelated to his care. I told Dr. Wray... "lately I've been breathing a whole lot better... and I don't know why... strange huh?" Dr. Wray said... "it isn't strange at all... let me show you something". Then he educated me on "zone therapy". I am now BREATHING SO MUCH BETTER after his care. Another thing, for the last few years, I could not lay long on my bed, on my back. I can now do that, without discomfort. In fact, it's quite comfortable now. HOWEVER... my Breathing... it's like I gained an additional lung. OH... I forgot to mention, I take 2 different asthma inhalers twice on a daily basis. My asthma has been very well controlled with these inhalers. I still am on them, but my breathing has improved to the point that I just LOVE every breath, like never before. His "technique" has been life changing for me. I "highly recommend" you give him a try. My spine is now proper and I have gained a very important thing with my breathing improvement. Sincerely, Steve L.

Frank Mecozzi 08/16/21

Dr. Wray’s earlier therapy was very good, but it was the “Zone Therapy” that really made a big difference. It has made a marked difference in my spinal health and elimination health. At this time, I can conduct physical activity without worrying about hurting myself.

There is no more back pain, especially after vigorous activity such as yard work or exercise.

Dr. Wray’s Zone Therapy has other benefits as well. I have fewer sinus problems and I rest better at night.

Lucy F. 7/27/2021

Dr. Wray has helped every member of my immediate family. My one son was getting headaches/migraines a couple days a week and now he gets them about once every couple of weeks. Such a great improvement for him!

Roxan Jewell 07/03/21

I have had Candida with treatments from medical and naturopathic doctors. I have had an amazing response to zone therapy adjusting.I have been treated for Candida for about 2 years, but my torso, arms and face continue to break out with itchy, red patches. For most of this time I have limited or avoided many foods: breads, pastas, sugar, honey, alcohol, cakes,cookies, pies, candy, etc. These foods have contributed to some very serious breakouts.

I tried this new therapy to see if it might help me. I did weekly adjustments and about the 3rd visit I felt calmer, less tension, and more relaxed. Over the next few treatments my rash disappeared. I have eaten breads, cookies, cake, chocolate, a few social drinks, a couple glasses of wine, and pasta, with only one small rash that went away quickly and completely! I have remained clear for many months now.

Thank you Dr. Wray for sharing information about success with Zone Adjusting therapy and asking me if I wanted to give it a try.

Jason Brown 03/15/21

Anyone that knows me would say I am very particular. With that said, Dr Wray is not only incredibly knowledgeable, he is extremely personable. This is one appointment that I look forward to attending. After struggling with pain for too long from my shoulder and hip, and not progressing as quickly as I wanted to after going through physical therapy, I decided to give Dr Wray a call. My only regret is not calling him sooner. He has helped me feel better in less time than I anticipated. He also does zone healing, which is an incredible bonus. The staff is always pleasant and professional. Thank you for being an asset to your profession Dr Wray.

Richard Jugenheimer 03/02/2021

Have gone to Dr Wray for a long time. He is the only one that has been able to help and keep me lined up. Have tried others but stopped after no one else could help. With some of his new treatments this is the best I have felt in years. Thanks Dr Wray