Therapeutic Exercise

I believe it is very important for my patients to understand that there are many factors that need to be addressed in order for them to achieve optimum health potential. One of these factors is a regular exercise regimen. I can't properly cover this important topic in this brief article, so I will discuss the importance of rehabilitative exercises designed to improve range of motion, strength, and endurance of injured areas.

With most injuries to the spine there are a combination of problems with both the joints and the muscles. The adjustments help to restore the normal joint motion and exercises that are specifically designed for the injury are necessary to assist in the corrections and to help keep the condition from returning.


I cannot over stress the importance of performing the exercises. Over my many years of practice, I have observed that those patients who did their exercises faithfully had much better results, required less visits, and they remain better for longer periods of time.

If you have any questions on which exercises you should be doing or exactly how they are to be done, please discuss this with Dr. Wray during your visit.

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  • Discuss any exercises with your doctor before beginning a program. The safety of your health is our primary concern.
  • Perform all exercises slowly.
  • Do NOT force pain! Keep all exercises within a pain-free radius.
  • Do NOT make up your own exercises. The exercises are designed for YOUR current condition to get the desired results. Using proper form for each exercise is essential.
  • CONSISTENCY: For most patients the exercises should be performed at least once a day. With the stretching exercises, two to three times a day is better, unless they aggravate your condition.
  • If you experience pain during or after the exercise - STOP - inform Dr. Wray.