Research on Decompression

When I was considering purchasing a spinal decompression table I was very impressed with the research that has been done. I am hi-lighting some of that research below. I have been even more impressed with the results I have seen in many of my patients as it has exceeded my expectations.

The technology today appears to be a dream come true for those who suffer with compressed discs. Some may say that it is too good to be true, but research indicates that 92% patients report overall improvement; of these, 5% improved 25-50%; 17% improved 50-75%; 70% improved 75-100%. (Gose, Naguszewski & Naguszewski , The Journal of Neurological Research, Volume 20).

Mayo Clinic Study on Deompression

  • Significant pain relief in 88.9% of patients.
  • Average pain decreased from 6.4 to .8 out of 10.
  • Required fewer analgesics after treatment.
  • No safety issues.
  • No adverse effects.

Reduction in Disc Size

  • Pain went from a 10 on a scale of 1-10 down to a 1.
  • No longer felt the burning sensation in the buttocks or legs.
  • Improvement in muscular strength.

MRI Revealed:

  • Decreased herniation size.
  • Increased disc height at multiple lumbar levels.

European Muscular Review Management of Low Back Pain with a Non-surgical Decompression System (DRX9000)

Long-Term Results of Decompression - 4 Years After Treatment

  • 91% resumed normal daily activities.
  • Over 80% showed 50% or better PAIN REDUCTION at the end of the four year study.
  • Greater than 50% still had a pain level of ZERO!